End-to-End Ease

Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Services Shaped by Your Business’s Needs

Global shipping should come with a guide. This is where EFI Logistics comes in.

Getting products to your customers means navigating the complex details of everything from logistical hurdles to regulatory mazes. EFI keeps it simple.
Handling your freight forwarding and customs brokerage needs.
Ensuring compliance for your import shipments without hassles.
Offering specialized knowledge in the Agricultural and Dried Fruit and Nut (DFN) market.
Delivering tailored solutions and personalized service for our customers.

Bringing Your Goods to the Global Market

Freight Forwarding Services
Ensure your products arrive safely and on-time with reliable transportation and international shipping expertise.
Customs Brokerage Services
Get through customs with ease while we handle customs regulations, documentation, and compliance for your export and import shipments.

Why Choose EFI?

Years of Expertise

EFI was founded in 2004 by industry veterans with years of experience in the international ocean, trucking, and logistics industry.

Proven Track Record

EFI is a leading export and import service provider for both smaller and major clients, with a unique expertise in California’s diverse agricultural export community.

Commitment to You

We’re committed to providing personalized attention, tailored solutions, and quality service for your business and its unique needs.

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