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Bluspark’s experts provide real-world, implementable solutions that bridge the gap between transportation and technology. Our team is fluent across many supply chain domains, including ocean transportation, import and export supply chain management, procurement, consulting, last-mile logistics, software development, and data science.


Greenabl enables importers and exporters to advance their decarbonization efforts with a single point of truth via 360-degree technology platform to measure, mitigate, and offset CO2 emissions from the supply chain.

Gemini Shippers

Gemini Shippers Group is a not-for-profit organization that has become a leading logistics player in international trade by serving its members for nearly 100 years. The group includes the Gemini Shippers Association and the Fashion Accessories Shippers Association (FASA). By building close relationships with top tier ocean carriers, we are able to utilize the collective power of members to negotiate flexible, stable, and competitive ocean rates for members.

Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association

The Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association (FJATA) is a not-for profit trade association specializing in regulations governing clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Our mission is to keep consumers safe while maintaining industry fairness and competitiveness by supporting the rights and interests of retailers and suppliers. We represent our member’s interests on a legislative level and offer individual guidance on how to meet standards specific to their products.


Founded in 1983, SeaMates has an extensive global agency network, and can assist you and make sure your shipment needs are properly handled. With expertise in freight services, competitive ocean rates, and customer service, SeaMates can assist with any special requirements through our local offices or at the destination countries. SeaMates treats customers as partners, believing in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

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