Customs Brokerage

Bringing Precision and Expertise to the Process

Customs Comes With Its Own Set of Challenges

EFI Navigates Them for You

When you’re preparing to get your goods through customs, surprises are the last thing you need, whether it’s delays, increased costs, or compliance issues. With a partner that understands the customs process inside and out, you can be sure everything is taken care of in advance.


Customs Brokerage Services

Getting Your Goods on Their Way

Customs Clearance

Ensure a fast and simple process as we handle everything from documents to duties and more.

Logistics and Coordination

Get seamless coordination of tracking, warehousing, and deliveries for on-time shipments.

Consultation and Compliance

Lean on experts for customs regulations, tariff classifications, duty rates, and any restrictions.

Continuous Support

Receive support throughout the entire journey, until your goods reach their destination.

The EFI Advantage

Years of Expertise
EFI was founded in 2004 by industry veterans with years of experience in the international ocean, trucking, and logistics industry.

Proven Track Record
EFI is a leading export and import service provider for both smaller and major clients, with a unique expertise in California’s diverse agricultural export community.
Commitment to You
We’re committed to providing personalized attention, tailored solutions, and quality service for your business and its unique needs.‍

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